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Our Services

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​AI & ML Solutions

AI enables the automation of medium to complex processes and takes Robotic Process Automation to the next level. It powers predictive maintenance of heavy machines thus reducing operational costs. AI enables pattern identification with vast data volumes thus augmenting human intelligence and decision making. It improves the analytics domain to the nth extent. While Natural Language Programing (NLP) algorithms read and augment data to produce analytical reports, Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms write sentences.

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Data Analytics Solutions

TruAi provides competitive edge to businesses by providing solutions across the Data Science and Data Analytics lifecycle helping them to analyse and take decisions about “what has happened (Descriptive), why has it happened (Diagnostic), what will happen in future (Classification & Predictive), and what action to take (Prescriptive)". Business users having no expertise in statistical analysis or programming languages, such as R and Python, can easily select variables and run these statistical models. Direct visualization of the results in desired formats makes it easy for the business users to understand the analysis and take appropriate action. 

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Blockchain Solutions

Built solutions on blockchain and introduce a new level of transparency, efficiency and automation into business processes.

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IOT Solutions

TruAi helps build intelligent connected devices and software solutions that enable Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. These connected smart devices are embedded with sensors and actuators, which have a unique identity or IP address, and are able to interoperate with the existing Internet infrastructure.

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Cloud Solutions & Analytics

As businesses look for highly accessible technology solutions to enable their executives access applications and data anytime anywhere, cloud computing and cloud-enabled solutions are looked at as the most viable options. However, cloud migration of the existing IT application poses a business challenge. Cloud Migration solutions and services on the anvil enable businesses to turn around their applications to cloud within a couple of weeks and jump-start their business as usual activity over the cloud.

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Fintech Solutions

We treat services on our platform as building blocks, which our Fintechs can mix and match to create lending services specifically tailored to their business model.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

TruAi is a technology company that builds intelligent solutions enabling data-driven businesses to digitally transform themselves through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mobility, and Advanced Analytics.

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